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For Teams Fall of 2016 - Spring 2017

ATI Logo.png

ATI is an Aggie owned and operated start-up company that focuses on engineering design and solutions. We are currently modifying a Vehicle-To-Vehicle (V2V) following system that uses position data obtained from an IMU to create a tracking and following solution. We are currently sponsored by Dr. Langari, with Dr. Porter acting as our technical adviser.


C3 Technologies is a startup operating in College Station, Texas; specializing in data communication and cutting edge analytics. We leverage social media and new technologies to provide a new medium for people to change how they think and interact with the environment. Currently, our company is working on creating a smart garden with the assistance of Dr. Ana Goulart as our adviser, Dr. Wei Zhan as our sponsor, and the Texas A&M Agriculture department for their expertise.


Enclave Electronics is an Aggie owned and operated engineering consulting firm based out of College Station, Texas. Enclave is currently working with our sponsor, Dr. Joseph Morgan, and advisor, Dr. Byul Hur, on the "W.I.T.S. Platform (Wireless IoT for Sensortag Platform)", which is an IoT system that utilizes the TI Sensortag, NI myRio, and PTC ThingWorx.

With text GIRAF Tech Logo V2.png

GIRAF is an Aggie owned and operated engineering consulting firm based out of College Station, Texas.


Impressive Innovations is an Aggie owned and operated engineering startup that is committed to offering the highest quality of work. The current project that we are undertaking is a Rapid Shutdown PV System to be retrofitted into older photovoltaic systems, in order for them to be up to date on National Electric Code (NEC ) requirements. The goal of this is to ultimately make the building safe for emergency workers.

PT logo.png

Precision Tracking has been tasked with designing and developing a device that will receive positional data from a Martin UAV VBAT and use it to accurately point an antenna at the aircraft.

For Teams Spring of 2016 - Fall 2016

Aestus Logo.png

Aestus Engineering is an Aggie owned company sponsored by Texas Instruments to implement an anemometer to measure the speed and direction of the wind using ultrasonic sensors. The ultrasonic anemometer will be made in the form factor of a BoosterPack for the TI MSP432 Launchpad allowing it to be stackable with existing BoosterPacks. The Aestus Engineering will work with Dr. Fink as their Technical Advisor for this project.


Eagle Embedded Engineering (EEE) is an Aggie owned and operated engineering consulting firm based out of College Station, Texas. EEE is currently working with NASA and MISL Labs, our sponsor, to design an Ethernet communications layer for the MISL Stack. This layer will function as a 100Mbps layer two network switch for communications between 4 devices.


Hi-Z is an Aggie owned engineering company based out of College Station, Texas. Project Viking deals with monitoring the movement and strain on the hull of boat. This will be accomplished by deploying a sensor mesh that will consist of a number of modules. The data acquired will be used to improve boat hull designs.


Intellimotion Innovations is an Aggie owned and operated engineering firm based in College Station, Texas. We will have the opportunity to work on creating a scaled prototype of a phase I vehicle following system utilizing wireless communication and sensors mounted on go-karts.


Partula Tech is a small startup company based in College Station, Tx. Our company is in the works of developing a labor monitor patch that will be able to detect if an expecting mother is experiencing labor or Braxton Hicks contractions. The project is currently being sponsored by Freescale NXP Semiconductors, with Dr. Rainer Fink, Ph.D as our faculty advisor.

Final Logo (1).png

PI Engineering (PIE) is a group of engineers based in College Station, TX. Sponsored by NASA's Command and Data Handling Branch, they are creating a new layer for the MISL stack that will communicate with legacy MIL-STD 1553 equipment on the International Space Station (ISS). This layer allows for an updated interface to otherwise outmoded devices. Dr. Gang Sun is the teams technical advisor and will be helping them in the process of creating this new layer for the MISL stack. Mr. Timothy Sweet is the teams liaison from NASA.


SafeNet is an Aggie owned start up company based out of College Station, Texas. SafeNet will design, develop and test a motion and noise detecting safety device to be used in a hospice care facility. The device will be attached to the user's body and will send an event message to the hospice nurse and family member when an event is triggered. The device will serve the purpose of being an event notifier without any user intervention.


Trio Tech is an Aggie owned and operated engineering start up company based out of College Station, Texas. The Trio Technologies is currently working with our sponsor, Dr. Joseph Morgan, to design a glove capable of detecting hand gestures and movements, and wirelessly transmitting those signals to the Disaster robot, controlling the Disaster robots movements based on those hand gestures and movements.

For Teams Fall of 2015 - Spring 2016


Avalon Marine Systems is a small start-up company based in College Station, Texas, consisting of four engineers specializing in wireless communication systems. We will be sponsored by Bass Pro Shops, working with them to develop a bass fishing boat user interface that seeks to add convenience to one's bass fishing experience. This project will wirelessly integrate a boat's main motor, trolling motor, fish finder, GPS, sonar, and lights into a single touch-screen user interface. Avalon Marine Systems will be joined by Dr. Rainer Fink, Ph. D. as the faculty advisor on this project

DVDT 9.4.png

DVDT is an Aggie owned and operated engineering consulting firm based out of College Station, Texas. We are pleased to be working with Texas Space, Technology, Applications, & Research (T STAR) who is sponsoring a CubeSat communications project. DVDT will design, develop, and deliver a prototype system that is capable of communicating between a TSat, CubeSat class vehicle designed by T STAR, and a base station. This development will be incorporated into the existing MISL Stack system through the generation of a new MISL layer to aid in the development of a turnkey TSat architecture. DVDT is excited to be working with Professor Mike Willey as our senior advisor throughout the project.

DeLectronics Logo T.png

DeLectronics is a small start up company that is currently working with Texas Green Energy through Adam Burke who is also their faculty adviser. Their project's main application is corrosion protection for oil pipelines. They will be designing a device, with an associated network interface, that can interface with existing cathodic protection systems on oil pipelines to transmit and save data and allow oil companies to have the ability to control the power supply that powers the existing system. This solution can save oil companies both money and labor hours and increase day-to-day efficiency.

Discretelogo3 T.png

Discrete Engineering is a small company based out of College Station, TX. Our current project is the Automated Driving System (ADS), which is an on-board system that will be receiving way-points from a device and moving to its destination without the need of manual operation, making the vehicle autonomous. Our project sponsor is Dr. Langari who will be represented through Dr. Morgan and our faculty advisor is Mr. Willey.

ES Logo T.png

EnTronics Systems is a startup company based in Bryan/College Station. The project goal is to develop the Engineering Learning Kit for the ESET department of Texas A&M.

Fhs logo T.PNG

Floating Hybrid Solutions is delighted to work with Dr. Rainer Fink and Bass Pro Shops for the creation of "h-drive", a hybrid kayak. Normal kayaks are man powered, but h-drive would have an electric engine mounted in it. h-drive would be able to work in shallow water so the motor will not drag on the bottom. Solar panels are going to be mounted on h-drive to help recharge the batteries as well as foot pedals to charge the batteries when the batteries are low. h-drive would also have the ability to control the electric motor wirelessly from a joystick or another wireless communication device.


Konetek Engineering is a small startup company based in College Station, Texas focused on the development of electronic systems. We are currently working with a London based company called Fanmode LLC in order to develop a real time participation system for sports fans. The device will have the ability to recognize and convey the emotions expressed in physical movement by fans watching various sporting events. Data will be collected and processed by the device, then transmitted to a smartphone via wireless connectivity, stored in the cloud, and finally displayed on Fanmode’s platform. The advisor of this project is Dr. Ben Zoghi of Texas A&M University.