ENTC 489 - Mechatronics I

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Dr. Joseph A. Morgan, P.E.

Instructor:  Dr. Joseph A. Morgan, P.E.
Office:      F111B
Telephone:   979-575-0128
Email:       jmorgan@tamu.edu



ENTC 489. Mechatronics I. (2-3). Credit 3.

The ENTC 489 Course Syllabus (available at howdy.tamu.edu) should be downloaded and reviewed. Students will have the opportunity to ask any clarification questions during the second class period. In addition, students should complete the Lab Safety requirements.


ENTC 489 encompasses the mechanical, electronic, software, and control aspects of embedded intelligence-based electro-mechanical systems with a focus on mobile platforms (robotics). The major topics covered in this course include:

1. Statics

2. Torque, Work, Energy

3. Four-bar Linkages

4. Heat Transfer

5. Dynamic Systems

6. Motor Characteristics

7. Velocity Measurement Methods and Techniques

8. Sensors

9. Actuators

10. Control

11. Communications

12. Course Project

Students will work in teams of two in the laboratory which is structured to re-enforce the theory and principles taught in class. ENTC 489 - Mechatronics I is unique in that it utilizes an articulated suspension, deferentially controlled robot (ASEP II) as the target system for all laboratory activities and course project. Students will present the results of their research and development of sensor/actuator technologies that are interfaced to a myRIO embedded data acquisition and control system using the LabVIEW graphical programming environment.


Lesson 1 Slides

Lesson 1 Slides are provided for reference purposes.

Lesson 2 Slides

NASA Mission Brief

Lesson 3 Slides

Translational Statics Slides

Lesson 4 Slides

Rotational Statics Slides

Lesson 5 Slides

Work and Energy Notes

Lesson 6 Slides

4-bar Notes

Lesson 7 Slides

Machine Vision Notes

Lesson 8 Slides

Heat Transfer Notes

Lesson 9 Slides

Robotic Control Notes

Lesson 10 (review)

Exam 1 Review Notes

Final Project Report

Mech I Final Report Requirements


Software Install Tutorial.doc

Equation Sheet 2016.2

Equation Sheet (exam1)

Exam 1 Solutions

Motor Calculation Sheet


Homework 1 - Statics

Homework 1 - Solutions

Homework 1 - Solutions2

Statics Example Problems

Homework 2 - Work & Energy

Homework 2 - Solutions

Homework 3

Homework 3 - Solutions


Students should be prepared to create a number of data acquisition and control systems using the myRIO embedded controller. Having a laptop with appropriate LabVIEW and myRIO graphical development tools in necessary to actively participate all lab activities.

ASEP Assembly v2

Lab Results Sheet

Statics Lab

Torque Lab

Heat Trans - Lab Sheet

Heat Trans - Datasheet - MOSFET

Heat Trans - Datasheet - MCU

Heat Trans - Example Problem

Heat Trans - Labview Project

CAD Files

Camera mount

This bracket will mate with the Basler Camera with no modifications. It can be modified to attach where you wish on your robot.